Posters & Books

This poster is large measuring 35.5 inches by 28 inches or 900mm by 720mm. It is high quality gloss and looks superb when framed.

This is what it says, all ten of the murals that presently constitute The People’ Gallery, in brilliant color. It measures 27 inches by 19.5 or 685.8cm by 495.3 mm and is ideal for framing.

This is a typical sight during the period. The chap in the poster is still alive although many claim the honour. It has the same dimensions as All The Murals.


…… is the definitive book on the murals written by the artists in their own words. It  has proved very popular with tourists and locals alike and forms the basis of another book called ART AND HEALING which is currently out of print.

THE PEOPLE’S GALLERY includes the comprehensive account of the making of the murals in The Bogside. It also offers a potted history of Ireland and Derry. 96 pages long and lavishly illustrated, it is essential     reading for students of Irish art and history as well as students of many other disciplines.

Also available is a compilation of songs and tunes offering spiritual uplift, performed and sung by WELLSPRING, a Christian Fellowship headed by one of the trio, Tom Kelly.  This is a unique CD in a limited edition of interest to anyone with a taste for Irish traditional music, for people who have visited the studio or just for those of you who want  an authentic flavour of the city and its people.