Derry's Famous Murals-The People's Gallery created by The Bogside Artists




Get to meet with the famous Bogside Artists.

By phone:        07514052481 (mobile).

                      (code)+ 353 749 108740 (home).


        What you can do from here:

(1) Book a walking Tour of The People's Gallery with the artists who created it.

Cost is £6 each. Tour + Presentation back at the studio = £10 each. Tours and presentations can be tailored to fit group's schedule.

Do note. The murals were created by us long before any tours were built around them. If you have come to learn about the murals specifically you are wasting your time and money getting on any other tour. It's that simple. Unscrupulous tour operators share an agenda to disparage the murals by treating them, not as the natural cultural expression of a history lived by three artists who witnessed the events we depicted, but as some sort of Hollywood backdrop to their cosmetic spiel on what happened here. Not one of them has contributed a brass farthing towards the upkeep of the murals that they profit from daily and none of the parties they represent have had anything whatsoever to do with the creation of the murals. Indeed, they have actively opposed any attempt by us in council to secure funding for their restoration.

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