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This unique MURALS TOUR is the only tour available that deals entirely with all of the famous murals of the Bogside, Derry, Northern Ireland. Why? Because ... it is the only tour that can. You can book your tour here, from the "Book a Tour" link above, or for further information contact 07514052481 or email

      The People's Gallery

The Bogside Artists' tour was the very first tour of the The People's Gallery to take place in Free Derry. The political images they painted are very different from the sectarian murals to be found in Belfast or anywhere else in the North of Ireland. They  speak for peace and sanity and are as far removed from gratuitous graffiti as you can get. There have since sprung up many tours in Derry.

the famous muralists of derry

What makes it so unique is that it is conducted by the three men who actually painted all twelve murals, ...... three men known internationally as The Bogside Artists.

The wall paintings stand like sentinels in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland, that saw so much the 'troubles' 1968 - 1998. These icons are among the most photographed, historical artworks in the world. Works that, as world renowned playwright  Brian Friel said..."Diego Rivera would be proud of."  Here is mural painting at its immediate best, speaking of Irish history, the struggle for democracy, of human tragedy and community pride. They speak of the Troubles in Northern Ireland as nothing else could.      

If it is the artwork you are interested in, how and why the murals came into being, who painted them, how indeed they were designed and created in the first place, and the histories behind them, then you have found the right tour... as well as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get informed... from the source! Get on the first and original tour. Visit The Bogside Artists, in person. They will be happy to greet you.

A TOUR of The People's Gallery costs £10 per person  (includes a presentation and question/answer session).

You will get to meet and talk with the artists as you walk in their company around the famous wall paintings they spent nearly a decade and a half creating. You will hear what it was like to grow up in The Bogside amidst The Troubles and what inspired these three men to paint their story and that of their community on the gable ends of a single street. If you wish to get on this tour we would strongly advise you to book directly by contacting the studio or by simply filling in the booking form on this site...  or you will  find yourself directed to a different tour entirely... one that may not even include the murals!      


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For political reasons alone - The People's Gallery of murals depicting over three decades of the Troubles has been deliberately frozen out of all discussions on culture and art in the city with no reasonable explanation offered by councillors or media to anybody, least of all to the artists who created it. They justify this to themselves as a seemingly righteous crusade to "move away from the past" while they continue to pour massive funding into exploiting that past. Building up the infrastructure connected with marketing the walled city and calling for more hotels to accommodate tourists is not really "moving away from the past". Is it?

Our murals which are the past living in the present are thus targeted and we with them. This is concerted policy to the extent that the recent unveiling of The Bogside Artists' mural in Europe's cultural capital 2012, Maribor Slovenia, got scarcely a mention in the local press. It was unveiled by the Dalai Lama in Maribor's city square before the world's media. Even though the Maribor council were willing to pay their air fares and accommodation no UK or Irish television network accepted the invitation to attend.

Unscrupulous tour guides adhering to the above agenda will, as usual, shepherd their columns of visitors as rapidly as possible past The People's Gallery stopping only briefly to draw attention to the Sinn Fein version of history they have pinned to the railings in front of the murals for that reason. This dumbing down of the murals has been going on in this fashion for years and there can be found no indication that in this year of 'culture' it should be any different. All you, the visitor, must do is make damn sure you are not so shepherded or duped as you have a right to choose what you want to see. Tourists as a rule must trust their guides; but in this instance we would urge caution.

So much for art. So much for democracy. So much for freedom of expression. So much for 'culture'! The Bogside Artists of course do not support The City of 'Culture' for all of the above reasons and more. How could they? Their first and last allegiance is to ART and the freedom of speech it expresses, the freedom that is the very foundation of democracy. when that goes you do not have democracy, you have oppression, the denial of rights, intimidation and fear; you have tyranny.

We are seeking funds at present to renovate all of the murals.

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