Tours in Derry - Tour the famous murals of The People's Gallery with The Bogside Artists



The People’s Gallery is the name given to this stunning series of large-scale murals situated in the Bogside area of Derry. It is visited each year by thousands of people from all over the world, has appeared in countless art books and the murals that comprise it are among the most photographed in the world.

        The People's Gallery Murals Tour follows all of the 12 paintings that the artists created making The Bogside Artists walkabout tour unique among tours in Derry.

 These magnificent icons were painted for all people, everywhere.  They are not propaganda and not graffiti.  They are classical art, built to endure because what they speak clearly of the diesease of our time or any time  - man's inhumanity to man.  

The People's Gallery is the realised vision of three men -The Bogside Artists. 

Nobody told them what to paint or how to paint. Their work is free, creative, poetic expression. The People's Gallery therefore, more than anything, reflects the spirit and resolve of the people of the Bogside, the same spirit that inspired their long and determined struggle for civil liberties - painted by the people, for the people, to honour the people. If it is the murals that interest you, make sure therefore you get on The Bogside Artists' Murals Tour, the only tour that deals exclusively with the murals and the stories behind their creation…stories you simply cannot get from any other source. Admission to the studio is FREE.

    This is one of most easily accessible tours in Derry. You have only to ask anyone where the Bogside Artists's studio is and you will be directed forthwith, It lasts for an hour or so leaving you free to enjoy the rest of the city and has been said, by many to have been the highlight of their visit to Ireland.

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the bogside artists' tours of the murals

Thousands of visitors come to see the famous murals of Derry each year from all over the world and to take part in one of The Bogside Artists. tours. You can book here at this website.

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