Cllr. Sean Carr our great supporter in council.

Cllr. Sean Carr our great supporter in council.

Friday 16th October 2015 saw the unveiling of our mural called Civil Rights. In attendance was John Hume and his great friend Ivan Cooper, two stalwarts from the civil rights campaign that began in Derry in the late sixties.

The Civil Rights Association spearheaded a collective offensive against gerrymandering, unfair housing and long-standing discrimination. Our mural shows John Hume, Ivan Cooper and others who launched and managed the campaign. Many were unfortunately left out as we simply had not enough wall space to include them all.

The mural has been extremely well received and was the subject of a televised newscast later that day.

We take this opportunity to thank our great supporter and friend Cllr. Sean Carr who endured much on our behalf as he fought for recognition of The People’s Gallery of 12 murals that we created for the Bogside and for Derry.

He is shown standing in front of the mural with his family and friends on the day of the unveiling.

Sean is also featured in our mural, top right (circled), our homage to him.

Thanks Sean.



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