bogside murals tour Derry's Famous Murals-The People's Gallery created by The Bogside Artists


the gasmask mural in derry.

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 The famous murals of    The Bogside Artists     of Derry, Northern Ireland  

"I am amazed at the outstanding quality of this artwork." Nobel Laureate and Statesman John Hume.

"The work of the Bogside Artists is remarkable ... a vibrant response to events still vivid in the psyche of the community."Brian Friel, world-renowned playwright and author.

"The marvellous work of the artists has enhanced the historic and artistic appeal of the area and contributes to the growing sense of pride which Derry people hold for the role they have played in the events that reverberated around the world three decades ago." Councillor Mary Nelis.

"I find myself responding to the overpowering message of the murals: Here is our story." Prof. Peter Sheehan, Provost of The Australian Catholic University Sydney, Australia.

The Bogside murals are the most popular murals in Northern Ireland, and the most prominent political murals in the

I keep the mural of Annette as the background on my computer, as well as a picture hung next to my bed. Though all of the murals inspire me in some way, the piercing message and story of Annette, the butterfly and the broken gun is one I think of each day, and relate deeply with my experience in Northern Ireland.Madeleine Ehrlich - student, San Francisco Ca.

"The work provides a window into the heart of the Bogside and for that we must be truly grateful to the three artists." Prof. Raymond Helmick, of Boston College, world-renowned teacher, author and peace negotiator.

"In my five years in the building I have never seen so many people so excited by an art exhibition. We actually had senators and representatives asking to have the duration of the exhibition extended." Senator Steven Tolman, host of The Bogside Artists exhibition in the BOSTON STATE HOUSE, MA, USA.

the bogside artists

Tom Kelly, his brother William, and Kevin Hasson are the three men who created and painted all Mural in Washingtonof the twelve murals of ...  the internationally acclaimed 

          THE PEOPLE'S GALLERY                     

"Our artwork represents the Bogside, its history, its spirit and its people; and many thousands of people come to Derry each year to hear the history of the 'troubles' and to see the celebrated street of murals we created in the Bogside and which we have called The People's Gallery. Painted from photographic material these are the most authentic renditions possible of the events depicted and acclaimed by many critics and writers as "art of the highest order".

The murals of The People's Gallery stretch in a line the entire length of Rossville Street in the Bogside area of Derry that experienced the worst of the troubles throughout the long conflict. This unique gallery of murals was envisioned and created by us three, Tom Kelly, William Kelly and Kevin Hasson known world wide as The Bogside Artists. As our spokesman Tom explains; " wounds must be cleaned out and examined before they will heal. It is the unexamined wound that festers and finally poisons. Our work shows the wounds." (words from Bishop Desmond Tutu)

This determination to tell our own story is what drives "The Bogside Artists", the name registered to us and by which we are now known from Boston to Shenzhen. Many tourists are literally kept away from the murals or marched right past them by unscrupulous tour operators following the consensus political agenda set out for them by their paymasters to stifle the artwork and reduce the gallery as much as possible to a sideshow when it, in fact, is and always has been, the MAIN ATTRACTION as statistics freely available from INCORE (Magee College) make abundantly clear as does the four-page write-up to be found in The Lonely Planet's Guide to Ireland.

Sinn Fein played no part whatever in the creation of the murals. Hence their intent to exploit them while doing their best to stifle them out of existence and ruin the integrity of their vital, visual narrative for keeps. In any other country in the world this would be called "vandalism" at best or "criminal censorship" at worst... on a par with the early days of German Fascism. Not here. The media, like everything else, is controlled by the regime.

Recently they tried to build a high wall around The Civil Rights Mural, the pivotal mural in the People's Gallery of murals in order to obstruct it from public view, forever. You may find this difficult to believe, as we all do; but it is a fact nonetheless. They were effectively stopped from doing so by the local citizens. How on earth can this be? you may ask yourself. Well, if you have time and patience to find out, let us explain it to you.

The true, focal point of The Bogside is The People's Gallery of murals, famous throughout the world. It is the solitary, sinned-against witness of our struggles. Coming to Derry and not seeing it is like going to Rome and failing to see the Colosseum. A proper 'guide' will make sure you do not miss it. That is what you pay him for.

That solitary witness, The People's Gallery, with all its murals is not protected by the local council, not supported by its incumbent arts officer, not promoted by the council's tourist department, never mentioned by name on BBC Foyle Radio; was completely frozen out of the City of 'Culture' 2013 year (you may laugh); not broadcast on Youtube as a "must see" if you visit Northern Ireland etc;  nor marketed by anyone. You will find scant mention of it in any official tourist bumph coming out of Derry, nor will you receive any laudable or informative comments about it, or about us its creators for that matter, from anybody working at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Now you know why.

The murals have made their own way in the world with no help whatever from any of them. That's because TRUTH needs help from nobody; not even from Karl Marx.

The People's Gallery is an irreplaceable art site of globally acknowledged artistic and historical significance. That is what it IS.  

The murals are beacons of truth painted by us who lived through the events we have depicted; beacons of truth that are increasingly important to a world sliding irretrievably into the grip of power-elites who live in, through, for, and by a New World Order driven agenda. The murals are targeted by THAT above all, because they speak of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION which is a direct threat to SECRECY....  upon which the powerful, the worldly, depend. Once you have seen the murals you will know this beyond any shadow of a doubt.


Who better to tour the murals with... than one of The Bogside Artists who painted them, Tom, Will or Kevin? They will be happy to guide you around all twelve murals of The People's Gallery of murals and bring you back to our studio, if you so wish. You can book from this site.

bogside murals tour


Most of the tourists who flock to Derry year after year come to view The People's Gallery. The murals depict OUR story, and in their universal reach, YOUR story, wherever you live and whatever political regime you may live under.

Let us cherish and protect The People's Gallery for the world.

The People's Gallery of street murals depicting three decades of the conflict is the only,AUTHENTIC ART EXPRESSION of the struggle in existence , right here in Derry where it all began. They are universally acclaimed as important works of art. They are not propaganda. They are AUTHENTIC AND ORIGINAL EXPRESSIONS OF HISTORY IN ART FORM.

These murals are to be studied and reflected upon. Do not allow yourself to be led or driven away from them. You deserve better.


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Do you really care about your right to free expression? Your support in protecting it is deeply appreciated.




This site is of special interest to students of fine art, public art and history; to those intending to visit Ireland, or to anyone interested in Irish affairs in general or the work of The Bogside Artists in particular.



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