Who? What? Why?

Tom Kelly, his brother William and their mutual friend Kevin Hasson have been working on their murals project since late 1993 when he group formed.  Older and wiser now, they see their work as commemorative.  Theirs is a public art after all, dealing with subject matter that goes far beyond mere aesthetics or the values of the dilettante. It is designed to educate, commemorate and edify. As Tom explains in the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu, ………

” A  wound must be cleaned out and examined before it will heal. It is the unexamined wound that festers and finally poisons. Our work shows the wounds.” This determination o tell their own story is what drives The Bogside Artists. It is commemorative art, a homage to the people for what they have lived through”.

The Creation of The People’s Gallery in The Bogside, Derry. N.Ireland.

These three muralists have created The People’s Gallery . This is a series of large-scale murals depicting the key events in the Northern Irish ‘Troubles’ that began in October 1968. The twelve wall-paintings span the entire length of Rossville Street in the heart of The Bogside and constitute an official tourist site that is unique. Thousands of visitors, from all over the world, flock to posters etc The Bogside each year. Close by, is The Bogside Artists’ Studio and Gallery, a popular venue for tourists and locals alike.

The artists have been working on The People’s Gallery since 1994. With only one more mural left to paint, the suite of large-scale paintings is nearing completion. The Derry City Council has pledged to illuminate them with high power beam lighting in early 2008. This testifies to the fact that The Bogside Artists are one of the very few art groups in the city to have won unanimous cross-party support for their endeavours.

The Bogside Artists’ busy studio is situated in the heart of the Bogside itself. It is where they hold their workshops, create their murals and give presentations of their work.  Thousands of visitors come to visit the studio every year and many more are sure to follow in 2008. If you wish to take a walk around the murals with The Bogside Artists, visit their studio for a presentation or just drop in for a chat, you can do so HERE.

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